Currently the following vacancies are available:

Postdoc position Sustainable building blocks for coatings

The aim of this postdoc position is to develop new sustainable building blocks for coatings based on renewable materials. Photo- or redox- mediated chemical synthesis will be used to produce building blocks that can replace current monomers in coatings formulations. In this project, we aim to demonstrate the use of bio-based feedstock, low-waste sustainable transformations using light or electricity, novel monomers and ‘step-in solution’ for some current coating formulations.
This project is supported by the Advanced Research Center Chemical Building Blocks Consortium (ARC-CBBC -, a large national consortium of academic and industrial partners. The postdoc will be required to interact with academic and industrial collaborators during regular update meetings.

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PhD position

Excellent candidates are always encouraged to apply.


For potential applications via Humbold Foundation, Marie Curie or NWO-VENI program, please contact Prof. Ben Feringa.