Currently the following vacancies are available:

2 PhD positions: Light triggered molecular switches & motors: Unravelling the molecular mechanism behind motion at the nanoscale

Joined project Roos & Feringa groups with 2 PhD positions:

one position focussing on high speed Atomic Force Microscopy and real time studies of dynamics (Roos lab).
one position with emphasis on design, synthesis, assembly and functioning of switches and motors (Feringa lab).
Brief description PhD design & synthesis:

Synthetic molecular machines such as switches and motors have recently gained increasing interest as they enable dynamic functions, motility and mechanical functions in materials. In this project the focus is on the design, synthesis, assembly and functioning of photochemical switches and rotary motors with the ultimate goal to elucidate in real time the dynamics and mechanisms behind motion at the nanoscale. New switches and motor will be prepared and their dynamic properties tuned on demand via structural modifications. The elucidation of the photochemical isomerization processes, the design of visible light powered systems and the incorporation in larger functional supramolecular assemblies (both in solution and on surfaces) are examined. In particular, two distinct types of assemblies, nanopores and nanofibres/nanotubes will be studied. For instance, by designing and optimising nano-pores with azobenzene, spiropyran or other photoactive moieties, both pore formation and pore opening/closing can be triggered in a non-invasive manner using visible light while the adaptive and actuating nanofibers/tubes are typically based on photoresponsive amphiphilic molecular motors. By further developing the High Speed AFM approach the molecular mode of action of the switches and motors will be scrutinized. The two PhD students will work in close cooperation; in this project design, synthesis, photophysical measurements, single molecule analysis and supramolecular methodology will comprise the major part of the research.

For further detailed information; contact Dr. Anouk Lubbe (, Prof. Ben Feringa ( or Prof. Wouter Roos (


Postdoc Sustainable Catalysis

For a collaborative project with an industrial partner, we are looking for a postdoctoral researcher in the field sustainable catalysis and carbohydrate conversion. The research will be performed under the guidance of prof. Ben Feringa, in the Stratingh Institute for Chemistry. The research is part of the joint academic-industrial program of the national center for sustainable chemistry ARC-CBBC. The subject is confidential but will be discussed during the application process.

More information can be found on the RUG website (see below). Please apply through the RUG portal, applications via email may not be considered.

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PhD position

Excellent candidates are always encouraged to apply.


For potential applications via Humbold Foundation, Marie Curie or NWO-VENI program, please contact Prof. Ben Feringa.